Innate Trigger – Three years

Three years of Innate Trigger 15/01/2021 – 15/01/2024

A cyberpunk scenario set in a cyberpunk, sci-fi landscape, accompanied by a blend of synthwave,ambient, industrial, metal soundtrack.

Many tried in the grid.. many failed in the grid.. many died in the grid..or worse..

Three years have passed since the first uprising in the North American Grid. The resistance, born from the revelation of a dystopian plan by the rulers, found its strength through the everyday challenges of fighting in the streets of the Grids. The need for strategic planning became paramount as they faced the oppressive regime that had transformed the once-known world into mega-cities inside the prison-continent Grids. In all corners of the globe, the resistance gained followers and believers who joined the fight against the rulers. The resistance’s influence reached beyond the Grids, uniting people in the outside world the Wastelands where those who hadn’t been captured by the rulers roamed the remnants of the old world. Their plan was specific and clear, established long before the privileged class departed for colonies on surrounding planets, leaving Earth almost ruined and polluted.

The rulers, orchestrating a malicious and dystopian agenda, formed an army to imprison those left behind. Deception became a weapon, as they presented the survivors with a plan to restart civilization within the city-states named Grids, concealing their true motives. Implementing the sovereigns’ plan altered the lives of millions, turning countries into mega-cities inside the prison-continent Grids. The ‘new world’ comprised eight Grids containing 25 prison-states each. Outside these controlled territories lay the vast Wastelands, where daily survival was a constant struggle. Life before and after the Grids represented distinct states of existence. The revelation of the rulers’ plan led to widespread protests, disappearances, and the formation of a resistance that spread across the Grids. As the resistance
fought half-destroyed battles on continent-sized battlefields, some chose to remain passive, unwilling to join the fight or face the dangers of the Wastelands. Promises echoed among the rebels, pledging to watch out for each other and ensure a safe return before and after every battle and mission. The resistance’s struggle against the rulers unfolded not only within the physical confines of the Grids but also in the hearts and minds of those who believed in the possibility of reclaiming their freedom and restoring the world that once was.

Innate Trigger : Three years
Release date : 15 – 1 – 2024
Music by : Innate Trigger

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