In 2047 a technology was discovered where through bio-technology where it increases life expectancy by a very large percentage.
It was observed that the periodic use of this formula can essentially make a person immortal, the problem with this technology is that it needs large amounts of human blood to be manufactured, that makes the production of the formula unethical.
Satrus decided to keep it a secret and use it to his advantage by keeping the patent of the formula for his own use and thus making himself a god in the eyes of the rest as well as controlling the rest of the oligarchs belonging to the council of Solars.
With many years of use of the formula, some side effects were observed concerning the behavior and the change of characteristics in the human body.
Like sadistic behavior greenish almost skin color black eyes in some users of the formula.
The name of this formula is Nectarform.

Innate Trigger : Nectaform
Release date :  5 – 3 – 2023
Music, video, story  : J.K.

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