Introducing Innate Trigger: Unveiling a Dystopian Rebellion

A dystopian scenario set in a cyberpunk, sci-fi landscape, accompanied by a blend of synthwave, ambient, industrial, metal soundtrack.

Innate Trigger takes you to a future Earth devastated by resource exploitation and environmental decay. A dystopian scenario set in a cyberpunk/sci-fi landscape, accompanied by a captivating blend of synthwave, ambient, industrial, and metal soundtrack. In this tale, the forces that govern the world face an impasse, unable to enforce their geopolitical strategies.

Meanwhile, colossal corporations find themselves embroiled in scandals and cyber-attacks, losing control over political developments. Seizing this opportunity, those in power devise a plan to establish a global super-structure and clandestinely relocate trusted individuals to planetary colonies within our solar system.

To achieve their grand scheme, the rulers confine Earth’s population within massive mega-cities known as Grids, erasing traditional borders and imposing their laws. Deceived by promises of security and liberation from an oppressive economic system, the people willingly embrace this new reality. Little do they know that they have fallen victim to the greatest conspiracy
in human history.

Within the Grids, pockets of resistance emerge as some individuals question the rulers’ actions and abuses of power. Possessing unique abilities and knowledge, they challenge the rulers’ control and strive to uncover the
truth behind the conspiracy. The resistance must navigate treacherous paths, defy the rulers security forces, and reveal the super-government’s true plan, sparking a revolution that will shape the destiny of humanity.

The music concept of Innate Trigger is inspired by life itself, movies, books, thoughts, other creators music and all kinds of art. Art about the future, sci-fi, industrial, synthwave and cyberpunk. Mixing sounds and music from the vintage/retro futuristic sound of eighties metal and the modern synthwave .

Its all about creation, inspiration, and the uneasy spirit that triggers all that is art.

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Unveil the truth, join the resistance, and become part of Innate Trigger’s remarkable journey through a dystopian soundscape.

Many tried in the grid.. many failed in the grid ..many died in the grid..or worse..

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