The story of Innate Trigger unfolds through six albums/playlists:

Their States our Cities : Explore life within the Grids, resistance actions, and the secrets of the ruling super-government.

In War : Witness glimpses of conflict within the Grids, heroic moments, and revelations about resistance tactics against the rulers’ army.

Moments and Thoughts : Delve into the personal moments and reflections of the resistance fighters as they navigate their challenging reality.

The AfterdARK : Follow the chronicles of Innate Trigger’s main characters, central to the resistance and the super-government’s secrets.

The Wastelands : Experience the desolate regions beyond the Grids, abandoned by the population and explored by the ones that choose to live outside the Grids.

Narrative Junctions : Τhe album/playlist where some of the characters of Innate Trigger meet through situations that interact with each other.

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