Innate trigger – The implant seller

Innate trigger – The implant seller

In the heart of the European Grid, within the labyrinthine streets of Megacity 3, Miquel ventured deeper into the shadows of the urban jungle. His plan is simple: to locate Jürgen, the elusive implant seller rumored to hold the key to fulfilling Miquel’s desperate desire for the simulated euphoria of intoxication,threatening to pull him back into the abyss of addiction he had fought so hard to escape.

As Miquel navigated the bustling crowds and neon-lit alleyways, he couldn’t help but notice the hollow eyes of the implant junkies, their desperation mirroring his own internal turmoil. With each lead he followed and every informant he questioned, Miquel drew closer to his elusive target. Yet, frustration began to creep
in, threatening to shatter his resolve. But just when all hope seemed lost, a whispered rumor led Miquel to a dimly lit alleyway on the outskirts of the city.

Following the instructions given to him, Miguel arrived at a street after walking for about half an hour, reaching the designated spot where, without any warning, approximately 20 individuals emerged around him, holding weapons and various detection devices. Their sudden appearance caused chaos among the unsuspecting bystanders nearby, who fled at the sight of this small army that encircled Miguel and began scanning him for microphones and other recording and monitoring devices.

One of the armed individuals shouted:

“If we find a microphone or transmitter on you, we will kill you!”

Miguel remained motionless but calm, knowing that this was a procedure followed whenever someone wanted to approach a person of utmost importance, and his composure stemmed from the fact that they wouldn’t find any monitoring device on him.

Miguel’s scanning process lasted for about a minute, as long as it took for the armed individuals’ devices to detect his clothes, belongings, and even his body for monitoring and recording devices.They even checked if he had any implants inside him, or a device that could record his movements.

Once the process was completed, one of the armed men spoke into a microphone on his uniform, saying:

“Nothing was found on him. Jürgen, do you want us to bring him up?”

At that moment, a masculine figure approached Miguel, and addressing the armed men, he said:

“Thank you, I won’t need anything else. Return to your positions.”

It was Jürgen, and he reached out to Miguel, saying:

“I want to hear what you have to say.”

With a sense of urgency, Miguel laid out his proposition, offering whatever he had in exchange for the coveted implant chips. But Jürgen was no ordinary dealer he demanded a steep price, one that tested the limits of Miguel’s resolve.

What will Miguel choose?

Innate trigger : The implant seller
Release date : 16 – 2 – 2022
Music by : Innate Trigger

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