Innate Trigger – Gridlocked Conviction The Choice Within the Circuitry

Innate Trigger : Gridlocked Conviction – The Choice Within the Circuitry


The resistance recruiters, adorned with symbols of defiance
and fueled by the passion for a liberated Grid, embarked on a
mission to convince those who had yet to take up arms.
They navigated the neon-lit streets, approaching individuals
and small groups with a message of unity and collective


In the heart of the city, a charismatic recruiter named Mara
stood before a diverse gathering of unaffiliated citizens.

With conviction in her voice, she addressed the crowd.

– We understand your desire for independence, for a life free
from the constant struggle. But living on the fringes won’t
shield you forever. The ruling powers won’t stop until they
have complete control, until every trace of freedom

is erased.

Mara gestured toward the towering structures that surrounded
them, their once-gleaming surfaces now marred by the scars of


– You’ve seen the changes they’ve imposed upon our
world. How long until they come for each of us individually?

How long until our way of life is extinguished completely?

A murmur of concern spread through the crowd, as residents
exchanged uncertain glances. Some, scarred by the recent
upheaval, were hesitant to embrace a new cause. Others,
drawn by the promise of autonomy, pondered the implications
of joining a resistance that demanded more than just survival.

Mara continued,

– We’re not asking you to become soldiers
overnight. We’re asking for a commitment to reclaim what was
once ours—the right to live without fear, the right to shape
our destinies within these digital confines. Together, we can
resist the oppression and forge a path toward a future where

our choices matter.

As the speech echoed through the electronic channels of the
Grid, a debate ignited among the residents. Some were moved
by Mara’s words, sensing an opportunity for change, while
others clung to the hope of maintaining their unaffiliated


The Grid, pulsating with the dichotomy of resistance and
neutrality, stood at a crossroads. The choice was imminent,
and the unaffiliated inhabitants now faced the weight of a
decision that would shape not only their individual destinies
but also the destiny of the entire digital realm they called


Innate Trigger : Gridlocked Conviction – The Choice Within the Circuitry
Release date : 6 – 1 – 2024

Music by : Innate Trigger

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