Almost simultaneously with the birth of the armed resistance within the Grids also started the first rebel groups that they had no intention of joining the organized revolution. Most of the people who make up these autonomous groups had participated in similar activities before the reality of Grids. They are experienced fighters and knowledgeable in the tactics of war in urban environments. But because of their unpredictable nature and dependence that they have with danger is not easy for them to join the organized resistance that operates with hierarchy and organization like an regular army. They cooperate with the resistance and share the same desires for freedom and the same hatred for the Grid rulers. They are well versed in the areas of Grids and highly flexible and skilled in ambush planning. The Arsonists are a force to be reckoned with within the Grids and have deal significant blows to the overlords like the one that they mention among yourselves as the sacrifice of Luke.

Innate Trigger : The Arsonists
Release date :  5-2-2023
Music, lyrics, video  : J.K.
Story : J.K. – Innate Trigger
Vocals : Techmancer

A group that it is surrounded in a veil of mystery for many decades.They emitted their first massage on a coded frequency to a group of Arsonists within the Grid 8. It was the fist time that The Arks informed the resistance about important strategic targets. The Arsonists planned their coordinated assault against the Grid’s central surveillance system based on that information. Beyond that first time, many more successful attacks followed based on the information provided by the Arks. Their identity remains a secret despite the efforts of the resistance to find out anything about them.

Innate Trigger : The Arks
Release date : 9 – 11 – 2022
Music, video, story : J.K.


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