Innate Trigger – Unbound

Innate Trigger – Unbound

The night hung heavy over the desolate landscape, cloaking the rebels’ hidden base in an oppressive silence. Far from the prying eyes of the rulers, the resistance had built their sanctuary deep within the labyrinthine ruins of a once-thriving city, now reduced to a desolate grid-city prison. The air inside the hideout crackled with tension as the rebels gathered around a flickering holographic table, hastily plotting their next move. Echoes of caution resonated through the makeshift command center as Hikaru and Takeshi, surveyed the holographic map that displayed the movements of the rulers’ army. Hikaru and Takeshi steely gaze swept across the room as they addressed the ragtag group of rebels.

“We knew they’d come for us sooner or later. Tonight, we stand our ground. We won’t let them erase our fight for freedom.”

The rebels, a diverse mix of hackers, warriors, and tech-savvy individuals, nodded in agreement.Outside, the rulers’ army advanced, their mechanical footsteps echoing through the ruins. The rebels, their faces hidden behind masks and augmented reality displays, prepared for the inevitable clash. Suddenly, the hideout’s alarms blared to life, signaling an imminent breach. “They’ve found us!” someone shouted, sending ripples of panic through the rebels. The cyberpunks rushed to secure vital data, while the warriors armed themselves for the impending confrontation. As the rulers’ forces closed in, the rebels unleashed a barrage of counterattacks, both in the physical and digital realms. Hikaru’s Holographic barriers flickered to life, providing cover for the rebels defending their base. In the digital domain, Takeshi engaged in a fierce battle of code, trying to fend off the rulers’ intrusion into their network. Amidst the chaos, Takeshi issued orders with calculated precision, orchestrating the rebels’ defense. However, the rulers had learned from past encounters and anticipated the rebels’ moves. The battle raged on, with losses mounting on both sides. In the heart of the conflict, Hikaru received a critical alert the rulers had breached the inner sanctum. The rebels, cornered and outnumbered, had to make a desperate decision: stay and face capture or retreat into the treacherous network.

With a heavy heart, Takeshi gave the order to initiate a digital escape. The rebels, their physical bodies still entrenched in the crumbling hideout, jacked into the network, leaving behind only echoes of their presence. In the virtual realm, they raced through the labyrinthine corridors of the information network, pursued by the relentless rulers’ algorithms. As the rulers’ forces closed in on the abandoned physical hideout, the rebels fought tooth and nail in the digital landscape, hoping to outsmart their pursuers. The line between the physical and digital worlds blurred as the rebels desperately sought an exit strategy. In the end, the rebels emerged bruised but not broken. They had eluded the rulers’ grasp, leaving the now-razed hideout as a mere husk.

As the survivors regrouped in the shadows, Takeshi’s voice resonated through the darkness. “In a war, losses are inevitable, but so is resilience. We live to fight another day both in the tangible and intangible battlegrounds. The fight for freedom will persist, for as long as one rebel stands against oppression.

Innate Trigger : Unbound
Release date : 20 – 1 – 2024
Music by : Innate Trigger

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