2035 Mankind colonized and settled in the rest of the solar system with the original purpose of finding and exploiting resources.
It has been found that at some point the planet Earth resourced will be dramatically minimized and major geophysical events will begin to take place on the planet.
2038 They discovered the existence of 3 planets four times larger in size than Earth with a possible Earth-like atmosphere and climate.
2040 The Council of the Excellent was established with the aim of managing and preparing the mission of colonization and settlement of humanity on these planets.
2041 Τhe first settlement mission to the 3 planets was carried out with a mother ship with 30,000 passengers and the heads of the Council of the Excellent inside it.
2042 Shortly before the mother ship reaches the first of the three planets, communication is cut off.
2044 After two years of absence of a trace of the mother ship, a coup is carried out by the second hierarchical caste in the hierarchy of the solar system, the so-called governors, and they establish an oligarchy that initially consists of 7 governors.
During the establishment of the regime, the remaining members of the Council of the Excellent are killed.
2046 Things are getting worse on planet Earth and the oligarchy decides to limit most of humanity on planet Earth by gradually reducing its population to tolerable levels for control and exploitation.
2047 The oligarchy discovers a technology that increases life expectancy but needs large amounts of human blood as a raw material.
The rulers at that point decided to use this technology for themselves.
2050 The governing council of the oligarchs decides to settle permanently in the colonies outside of planet Earth and confines humanity to the Grids.
People are now confined to the mega-cities that exist within each Grid.
2051 The oligarchy now consists of 8 lifelong members who form the council called the lectisternium (divine council) and call themselves the Solars.
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