The characters

The eight lifelong members of Τhe lectisternium (divine council) also known as the Solars are :

Satrus – The oldest of the Solars and he is located on the moon Titan of Saturn.

Velcans – On the moon Iapetus of Saturn.

Leinth Aita – On the moon Styx of Pluto.

Sol Nenthus – Οn the moon Laomedia of Poseidon.

Kath – On the moon Callisto of Zeus.

Silva – On the moon Phobos of Mars.

Tourms – On the moon of Earth.

Lady Vad – On the moon Night of Pluto.

Inside the Grids and outside their walls, scattered in the Wastelands, are the following characters:

Cipher – A high-tech guru who met the nomads of the wastelands and, from that encounter onwards, became a member of the nomadic tribe, offering her knowledge and training the fighters of the nomads in handling the equipment she herself manufactures.

Hikaru and TakeshiThey forged an unbreakable bond, driven by a shared cause and a relentless desire to bring down the oppressive rulers of Megacity 2. Together, they became an unstoppable force, striking from the shadows of the grid, their names whispered in both fear and hope among the cyberpunk rebels, an eternal struggle of light and darkness within the vast expanse of the West Asia Grid.

Major Alexey Lobov – He stood in the center, his back straight and his eyes focused. The weight of fifty years rested upon his shoulders, a lifetime of service and dedication to his country. But now, the world had changed, and so had his purpose.

Tourms is the second in hierarchy of the Solars. Before Solars take control of mankind Tourms was the man that helped Satrus to have a succeed coupe against The Council of the Excellent. When Solars took over the government Tourms decided to stay on moon and take advance the facilities that was there on the surface of the Moon inside big craters that communicate with underground tunnels so he can be close to earth and trade and sell resources from Earth to other bases that rest of the Solars had choose to have they establishment. After the discovery of Nectarform a base liquid that gives immortality to human flesh that needs human blood so it can be made , Satrus and Tourms controlled the manufacturing and the distribution to other Solars so Satrus can control the rest of the Solars and also Tourms establish his role as the left hand of Satrus.
Satrus is the leader of the Solars that rule mankind. Satrus with the help of Tourms organized a coupe against the Council of The Εxcellent ones and established their authority. After his establishment Satrus become a Tyrant and choose to make Saturn’s moon Titan his base. Αfter the invention of Nectarform a liquid base substance that gives immortality to human flesh, Satrus decided to control the manufacturing and distribution of the Nectarform so that he can have more control over the other Solars. A ruthless Tyrant that protects his interests. He is the main architect of the Grids prison-state continents on planet Earth that controls and imprisons almost every human.

Innate Trigger – Titan
Release date – 10 – 10 – 2022
Music by – J.K. Story , lyrics and vocals – J.K.

Lady Vad
Lady Vad joined the solars after the consolidation of the first members proving her value to Satrus at the age of 38 for the way she managed human resources on earth after the creation of the grids. Even those close to her during her years on earth all had to say how inhumane and sadistic she can become to get what she wants. When she joined the Solars she started giving herself nectarform but prolonged use started to cause her symptoms and side effects resulting in an anemic state in her body where the lack of iron forces her to drink human blood as a direct source of iron. The side effects of course do not end there since you cause her discomfort in temperatures above 8-10 degrees celsius and she is sensitive to strong sunlight. She lives on Pluto’s Night moon. Satrus considers her particularly capable of managing human resources, but her sadistic behavior and the side effects she got by administering the nectarform distanced her from the rest of the Solars.

Innate Trigger : Lady Vad
Release date : 10 – 2 – 2023
Music, story, video : J.K.


Innate Trigger : Cipher
Release date : 30 – 10 – 2023
Music by : Innate Trigger

Hikaru and Takeshi

Innate Trigger : Unbreakable bond
Release date : 2 – 8 – 2022
Music by : Innate Trigger

Major Alexey Lobov

Innate Trigger : Rebirth of duty
Release date : 12 – 7 – 2023
Music by : Innate Trigger


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