Innate Trigger – Silent Vigil

Innate Trigger – Silent Vigil


As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting an ethereal glow upon the wastelands, the Nomad scouts readied themselves for their nightly patrol. Loaded weapons and functional communication devices ensured they were prepared for the mission that could safeguard their convoy’s survival. Their objective was clear: secure the perimeter of their high-out, eliminating any lurking malevolent forces. The rulers’ agents had grown audacious, seeking to infiltrate and gather intel. But the Nomads held an advantage—their specialized technicians and cutting-edge technology detected these infiltrators.

The night enveloped them in silence as they stealthily traversed the dusty terrain. Every shadow and subtle motion was keenly observed. A faint beep from their devices alerted the scouts to an approaching threat. Taking cover behind a crumbling wall, they spotted the black-clad agents, armed to the teeth, inching closer with caution.

Without uttering a word, the Nomad scouts prepared for the impending confrontation. The tension in the air thickened as the agents unknowingly approached danger. A shared glance conveyed their plan. At the commander’s nod, they sprang into action. The first shot shattered the silence, a lethal bullet finding its target. Chaos erupted as the remaining agents sought cover, retaliating with a barrage of gunfire. Yet, the Nomads operated with precision and coordination.

The patrol commander, focused on his handheld device, analyzed the agents’ movements. His advanced software predicted their actions flawlessly. This information proved invaluable, granting the team an edge in outmaneuvering their adversaries. In a matter of minutes, the climactic gunfight reached its zenith. Defeated, the rulers’ agents lay
scattered, their malicious intent crushed by the Nomads’ resilience and unity.

The night embraced their accomplishments as the Nomad scouts regrouped and planned their return to their hide-out.

Innate Trigger – Silent Vigil
Release date : 20 – 7 – 2023
Music by : Innate Trigger


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