Innate Trigger – Unbreakable bond

Innate Trigger – Unbreakable bond

In the sprawling expanse of West Asia Grid, Megacity 2 like any other Grid and megacity, every aspect of one’s existence was entangled within the omnipresent network, leaving behind an intricate web of personal histories,  memories, and connections.

Yet, for the cyberpunk rebels, this all-encompassing digital presence became both their strength and their vulnerability.

In this vast metropolis, two figures stood out amidst the neon-drenched shadows: Hikaru, the fugitive cyberpunk whose past lay meticulously documented within the grid, and a relentless agent of the ruling army who  was hell-bent on capturing him. Hikaru, a name long forgotten in the physical world, was forced to adapt, navigating the virtual labyrinth to avoid capture.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting its last glimmers of light upon the high-tech cityscape, Hikaru found himself pursued relentlessly by the agent. The chases in cyberspace felt surreal, an ethereal dance of data and code. Hikaru’s heart pounded as he pushed his skills to the limit, trying to shake off his digital tail. Yet, the agent cunning and persistent, closing in on him like a virtual predator.

Just as the agent seemed to have the upper hand, a sudden intervention occurred. Emerging from the electronic shadows, a cyberpunk rebel member of the resistance, named Takeshi, appeared like a ghost in the machine. Takeshi’s mastery over the digital realm surpassed even Hikaru’s, and he launched a devastating counterattack against the agent.

In a cascading sequence of electrifying maneuvers, Takeshi eradicated the agent’s digital presence, effectively deleting him from the grid.

Breathing heavily, Hikaru looked up at his savior.
Takeshi’s digital avatar flickered like a flame, casting an enigmatic aura around him. With a nod and a knowing smile, Takeshi simply said, “No one gets left behind in this war brother, join us and be one of us.”

From that moment on, Hikaru and Takeshi forged an unbreakable bond, driven by a shared cause and a relentless desire to bring down the oppressive rulers of Megacity 2. Together, they became an unstoppable  force, striking from the shadows of the grid, their names whispered in both fear and hope among the cyberpunk rebels, an eternal struggle of light and darkness within the vast expanse of the West Asia Grid.

Innate Trigger : Unbreakable bond
Release date : 2 – 8 – 2023
Music by : Innate Trigger

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