Innate Trigger – Rebirth of duty

Innate Trigger  – Rebirth of duty

The room was cold and sterile, its metallic surfaces gleaming under the bright fluorescent lights. Major Alexey Lobov stood in the center, his back straight and his eyes focused. The weight of fifty years rested upon his shoulders, a lifetime of service and dedication to his country.

But now, the world had changed, and so had his purpose.

As he waited for the surgical team to prepare the operating theater, memories flooded his mind. He remembered the days when he fought on the front lines, his comrades by his side, battling for freedom and justice. Those were the days when the world seemed simpler, and their cause was clear. But the establishment of the global government shattered everything. The once free nations were reduced to mere fragments, locked within colossal prison cities. The oppressed cried out for liberation, and Major Alexey Lobov knew it was his duty to answer their call. He had joined the resistance, offering his military expertise to their cause.

The surgical enhancements were necessary for him to become an effective operative. The resistance needed soldiers who could connect to their information network, who could navigate the treacherous terrain of a world
controlled by the enemy. So, he had agreed to undergo the procedure, to become more than just a soldier a weapon, honed and upgraded for the ultimate fight. The door swung open, and the surgical team, dressed in sterile gowns, entered the room. They approached him with a mix of professionalism and empathy, assuring him that everything would be fine. He nodded, a faint smile playing on his lips, as he prepared to embark on this
transformative journey.

As he lay on the operating table, the hum of machinery surrounding him, he closed his eyes. In the darkness, he saw visions of a world reborn, of a future where freedom prevailed. He embraced the unknown, trusting that the enhancements would elevate him to the level required for victory. The surgeon’s voice echoed in the room, signaling the start of the procedure. In that moment, Major Alexey Lobov surrendered himself to the surgeon’s skilled hands, to the merging of man and machine. He knew that when he emerged from the operating room, he would be reborn as something more a soldier of the resistance, ready to face the challenges ahead.

And so, the journey began, with hope burning in his heart and the weight of his duty as his guiding light.

Innate Trigger : Rebirth of duty
Release date : 12 – 7 – 2023
Music by : Innate Trigger

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