Innate Trigger – Dimensions of Resistance : Crossing the Grids

Innate Trigger – Dimensions of Resistance : Crossing the Grids

The music piece “Dimensions of Resistance: Crossing the Grids” and the story’s scenario are inspired by the book “Megapolisomancy – The Mysteries of Cities” by Pantelis Giannoulakis.

With this music piece and the accompanying narrative, Innate Trigger’s music concept pays tribute to Pantelis Giannoulakis and his literary work.

Dimensions of Resistance : Crossing the Grids

In the colossal prison-cities of the Grids, the ruling powers have employed every modern technology and means to monitor the population and counter the organized resistance created by the inhabitants of the Grids to resist the malicious acts and tactics of the rulers. The organized resistance, in order to confront the practices of the ruling powers, has called upon all the practically imprisoned individuals within the Grids to participate in the resistance and contribute in any way possible to the fight against the rulers and their army.
In several instances, the resistance fighters have utilized the knowledge of individuals who were professionals and scientists in various fields before the Grids, so as to provide assistance to the resistance by constructing and inventing various devices and mechanisms, giving the resistance advantage in their operations. One such device is ready to be tested in certain areas of the Grids, enabling the resistance fighters to transition to another realm of reality and remain there for a limited period, thus evading the movements of the ruling powers’ army.
The risk is substantial, and there are numerous possibilities of unfortunate events occurring to the resistance volunteers, as the “other side” may hold unknown dangers of equal severity to being captured by the forces of the ruling powers. With this possibility in mind, the resistance volunteers equip themselves and prepare for their first passage to the “other side,” where they will attempt to create a point within the two dimensions to facilitate their transitions between the two realms.
In a few hours, the resistance fighters will test the device that will create the passage to the other side hoping that the outcome will not be catastrophic.

Innate Trigger : Dimensions of Resistance – Crossing the Grids
Release date : 29 – 6 – 2023
Music by : Innate Trigger

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