Innate Trigger – Echoes of Resilience

Innate Trigger – Echoes of Resilience


Sweat trickled down Alex’s forehead as they crouched in the dimly lit
underground hideout.
The walls reverberated with the distant echoes of boots, a haunting
reminder of the looming danger.

They turned to Maya, their fellow resistance fighter, their eyes filled
with determination mixed with weariness.

“Maya, listen to me,”

Alex said firmly, his voice laced with empathy.

“Your first face-off was straight-up vicious.
The clash of metal and the screams, man, I know they still echo in
your damn ears.
But you stood your ground, you fought with everything you had.
That’s what it takes to survive out here.”

Maya, her grip tightening on the weapon, nodded, knuckles
turning white.

“It was brutal for all of us,”

Alex’s gaze shifted to the memorial wall adorned with photographs
of fallen comrades.
A heavy silence settled between them before Alex spoke, his voice
choked with emotion.

“We must hide in the shadows, but we won’t stop
fighting. Maya, I believe in you. The memory of our fallen friends
fuels our determination. We will evade capture, regroup, and rise
stronger than ever.
This is our pledge, and together, we’ll face whatever comes our way.”

Innate Trigger : Echoes of Resilience
Release date :  26 – 5 – 2023
Music by : Innate Trigger

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