Innate Trigger – Promises in the rain

Innate Trigger – Promises in the rain


He came to me shouting, with a warm smile on his face, after my team returned from today’s ambush.

– Hey, you’re still alive! Let’s meet later on top. It’s gonna rain! We have to feel and smell the rain !

I felt good about what he said and before I had a chance to answer, he said :

– Talk to the others, bring the whole team up when the rain starts!

I said okay and told him that I would try to get everyone to the top later if the rain started.
I was pretty tired and troubled about today’s ambush, given that we barely survived through it.
The drones of the rulers’ army were getting more and more agile and precise when they fired on us, and we had to rethink our strategy when we ambushed their ground patrols to destroy their droids and cyborgs, so that we could get their parts and electronics.
Today, we almost lost the human commander of their patrol when he tried to get away through the shootings.
Were we getting tired and losing our awareness?
The rain stopped me from thinking, and I remembered him speaking about the rain earlier.
I went into the barracks and tried to get everyone outside to the top of the bunker to meet him.
I got the whole team up with me, and we met him as he stood there with open arms.

– You fools ! Feel the rain as much as you can, It means that we are still alive!

Some did exactly that and tried to feel and smell the rain as he said.
Others just sat down and looked up so that their faces could feel the rain and stayed there saying nothing. He came to me and grabbed my shoulders, yelling at my face :

– Promise me that you will be here for the next rain! Promise me that!
– I am planning to stay alive, you know!

And we looked at the sky, both with open arms like it was the only thing that mattered.
To feel the rain…

Innate Trigger : Promises in the rain
Release date : 6 – 5 – 2023
Music by : Innate Trigger

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