Innate Trigger – At the black of the moon

Innate Trigger – At the black of the moon

Tourms is the second in hierarchy of the Solars.
Before Solars take control of mankind Tourms was the man that helped Satrus to have a succeed coupe against The Council of the Excellent.
When Solars took over the government Tourms decided to stay on moon and take advance the facilities that was there on the surface of the Moon inside big craters that communicate with underground tunnels so he can be close to earth and trade and sell resources from Earth to other bases that rest of the Solars had choose to have they establishment.
After the discovery of Nectarform a base liquid that gives immortality to human flesh that needs human blood so it can be made , Satrus and Tourms controlled the manufacturing and the distribution to other Solars so Satrus can control the rest of the Solars and also Tourms establish his role as the left hand of Satrus.

Medium evil
blackened merchant cold
crawling in moondust
barking Satrus law

Resourced and cunning p
perverted and cruel
calculate and derange the human soul

Satrus left hand
abettor of his coupe
an amoralist
that discounts the truth

The watcher
living on the black of the moon
merchant of doom
tribute as the second in rule

What are you buying my lord
i give you the nectarform
the liquid that extents the life
of your cells core

Innate Trigger – At the black of the moon
Release date – 5 – 10 – 2022
Music by – J.K. Story , lyrics and vocals – J.K.

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