Innate Trigger – Recalled the memories

Innate Trigger – Recalled the memories

The authorities of the Grids when capturing rebels they try to see their memories so they can discover the rebel lairs..hideouts..and plans.
This process is torture to such a level that the victims begin to suppress their memories and forget who they are..
The only way to regain their memories is through the support that can be given secretly by the rebels and the Arks themselves through encrypted radio frequencies.

Arks broadcast to the capture rebel :

I see nothingness in your eyes a void ruling your own existence
A cycle that needs to break I was there beside you
When they cut you down creating your own demise
Erasing your memories dehumanizing you
Your soul become a slave inside your own body pulsing for redemption
You need to look inside you to remember your experiences recall your memories to feel and see again
who you are how you evolved through your life to see every mistake and every good thing you have done

Be human again..

Innate Trigger – Recalled the memories
Release date – 15- 8 – 2022
Music by – Innate Trigger
Story text and narration – J.K.

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