Innate Trigger – Titan

Innate Trigger – Titan

Satrus is the leader of the Solars that rule mankind.
Satrus with the help of Tourms organized a coupe against the Council of The Εxcellent ones and established their authority.
After his establishment Satrus become a Tyrant and choose to make Saturn’s moon Titan his base.
Αfter the invention of Nectarform a liquid base substance that gives immortality to human flesh, Satrus decided to control the manufacturing and distribution of the Nectarform so that he can have more control over the other Solars.
A ruthless Tyrant that protects his interests.
He is the main architect of the Grids prison-state continents on planet Earth that controls and imprisons almost every human.

Here is no hope
at the moon called Titan
Satrus fortress
a place of darkness

A moon with oceans of methane
fortress of evil and demise
a dark lord of mankind
there is here an evil mind

We shall reach him
and dethroned him
vanish every evil
and every fear

Innate Trigger – Titan
Release date – 10 – 10 – 2022
Music by – J.K.
Story , lyrics and vocals – J.K.

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