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Beyond the confines of the Grids lie The Wastelands, a playlist that guides you through untamed landscapes and uncharted dangers. Let the music, blending ambient, synthwave, and industrial influences, propel you into an epic odyssey. Join the intrepid explorers who navigate treacherous terrain, embark on thrilling adventures, and unveil hidden truths in a world where survival and discovery intertwine.

The wastelands – Tracks


Innate Trigger – The wastelands

By implementing the plan of the sovereigns the whole world changed and mostly
the lives of all those which never belonged in the ruler class.
Millions of people around the world were deceived and volunteered to live
inside the Grid prison – states.

The countries of the world as we knew them became mega-cities inside the Grids.
The borders that we once knew ceased to exist.
The ”new world” is now consists of eight Grids that containing 25 prison-states.
That was the Grid project as it was planned by the rulers who left the planet
to live in colonies away from Earth.

However there are huge areas of land , parts of the planet that are not included
in the Grids andin the vastness of these areas there are the ruins of cities that
were not absorbed by the Grids.

There are also areas near the seas of the world mountains, deserts and all kinds
of places.

Where anyone who chooses to wander must fight daily for his survival.
The wastelands.

Innate Trigger – The wastelands
Release date – 2 – 3 – 2022
Music by – Innate Trigger

Innate Trigger – The stray dog

After the uprising, some decided to wander alone in the lands outside the Grid.
To live in absolute freedom without thinking the next day except their daily survival, he decided to return to the area where he grew up and to try to make a fresh start there.
The night he made the stop to rest a stray dog approached him and without a second thought, he shared his food with the dog and thought of giving him a name.
And the first word he came to mind was … friend …
From this night on he was no longer alone.

Innate Trigger – The stray dog
Release date – 12 -1 – 2022
Music by – Innate Trigger

Innate Trigger – Once a city…

He left the Grid with a plan.. to return to the place where he grew up.. maybe there he could live for the rest of he’s life in peace.
If he could find peace..
He and the stray dog that he named ”friend” …they both have a long journey ahead of them and its not an easy one..
After a month the found the first city in the course of their journey..
Abandoned..destroyed…without any sight of life..
He decide to find a place to spend the night with he’s friend rest..
The next few hours will show if this is a good idea..

Innate Trigger – Once a city…
Release date – 20 – 3 – 2022
Music by – Innate Trigger

Innate Trigger – Both of them

They left the ruined city first thing in the morning..after a good night’s rest.
He started to realize that the journey to the city that he was born and lived until the Grid conspiracy happened is gonna be a long one.
Full of danger .. vigilance and not something peaceful and without difficulties.
He had to plan he’s rations of food and water very well in order to stay alive.. he and he’s friend.. the stray dog that he named ”Friend” that became he’s fellow traveler in that journey..

Innate Trigger – Both of them
Release date – 5 – 4 – 2022
Music by – Innate Trigger

Innate Trigger – The journey and the tracks

He didn’t regret it for a moment that he left the Grid.
For him, it didn’t even matter that he was one of the organizers of the revolution.
He had his own plan.
To leave.
To try to reach the city where he was born and grown to start a new life if the conditions there permit it.
He has been traveling out in the wastelands for six months along with the stray dog ​​he called “friend”.
They have encountered ruined cities, human corpses and dead animals. Abandoned vehicles and traces which got him thinking.
Who do the vehicles belong to?
And the corpses?
Were there before him some who tried to reach a destination as he himself wants?
How they died?
He always liked to seek the truth and since he was a child he was a restless spirit.
Perhaps he will find out what happened to those people by traveling to his destination himself.

Innate Trigger – The journey and the tracks
Release date – 21 – 7 – 2022
Music by – Innate Trigger

Innate Trigger – Her escape

Shortly after they discovered the abandoned vehicles and the tracks that were next to them it started to get dark.
They walked for about an hour and encamped, on a hill a little further up that allowed them to have a better view of the abandoned vehicles and the traces .
They set up their tent and he sat down to continue the map he’s been drawing since the first day he left from the Grid in order to have a record of
the points that he passed in relation to its destination.
He lay down , next to his dog and after a while he fell asleep.
He was awaken by the dog’s barking and got up to see what happens.
He looked at the direction of the barking and saw a car approaching in about half a kilometer and another one following it.
He could not make out the driver of the car .. all he could do was hear the gunshots from the second vehicle.
The gunshots forced him to the ground .
He waited for the cars to pass the hill next to them.
He could not have known at that moment that in the car trying to escape ..was her …

Innate Trigger – Her escape
Release date – 6 – 9 – 2022
Music by – Innate Trigger

Innate Trigger – Night sky

Yesterday’s events made him wonder.
Except for all the things that he has to think about surviving the journey to his destination.
From the moment he saw the cars and heard the gunshots he started to think about it.
It is certain that he is not alone in the wastelands.
Apart from what he learned while in the Grid about the people who chose not to accept the offer of the rulers and not to limit themselves inside the colossal continents – prisons.
He had thought about the possibility of meeting people like him on the trip with the same thoughts and the same purpose that he has.
As well as the fact that he will have to fight for his life in case he meet people with hostile intentions.
When he heard the shots last night and saw the cars running, he began to wonder a lot.
Who was in these cars?
Why they wanted so badly to stop the car that they were chasing?
What could make someone to escape by putting in danger his life and why;
In the Wastelands you are free to do as you wish and live your every day without restrictions and rules.
So tonight he choose to camp with his friend and observe the night sky ..and wonder.

Innate Trigger – Night sky
Release date –  28 – 9 – 2022
Music by – Innate Trigger

Innate Trigger – Secrets

He spent two days encamped in a spot so that he might observe the strange building which he discovered in the course of his journey.
He didn’t detect any trace of any activity inside or outside this strange building to worry him.
He started to walk towards the building that was semi-circular in shape and there was a door that seemed to lead underground.
In the middle of the door there was a handle and he spontaneously pulled it without thinking too much.
The door swung open to the side revealing stairs leading down to a level below the ground.
He went down the stairs carefully and arrived at a space that was completely empty with little light coming through some openings that he could not see observing the building from the outside.
At the back of the room stood a large face made of a material he couldn’t identify and at the base of the face was carved a place where someone could sit.
He got close enough and began to notice that there were some controls and some inputs that resembled the ones of a computer system.
He began to wonder what the purpose of this strange device was and how one could operate it.
He stayed a little while longer inside the space observing the details in the construction in front of him as well as in the surrounding area, and when he realized that he had passed a long time without checking if anything had happened outside the building he hesitated and left for the stairs with the intention of going up on the surface of the ground and to go outside the building.
He stood outside the door and he marked the place on his map the he use so that he can complete he’s journey.
He is certain for one thing..
The Wastelands have many secrets..

Innate Trigger : Secrets
Release date : 14 – 11 – 2022
Music by : Innate Trigger

Innate Trigger – Thoughts

When he started his journey to the wastelands he was sure that it would be the most important but also the most dangerous adventure of his life.
He cannot know how long this journey will be or if he will succeed to complete it as well as what he will encounter along the way and how much will all this affect him.
His life has changed dramatically with each passing day that distances him more and more from the life he had inside the Grid.
While living imprisoned within the Grid along with the rest of the population he was not free since there was almost no area where it was not under the surveillance of the sovereigns.
In the wastelands, however, he feels free with his company the dog he named “friend” with whom they travel together.
They travel for days without finding any ruined city or some remnant of civilization like the ones that they were finding in the previous days.
Today, for the first time since he left the Grid, he decided to rest without traveling at all.
While resting with his friend he tries to think if that building he discovered  is somehow connected to the car chase he saw that night.

Innate Trigger : Thoughts
Release date : 31 – 1 – 2023
Music by : Innate Trigger

Innate Trigger – Crossing their paths in the Wastelands

She had managed to escape from the South America Grid with the help of a rogue soldier, who gave her survival equipment and some weapons to defend herself. The journey across the Wastelands was arduous, but she persevered and finally reached an abandoned temple-like building where she could rest for the night.The building was eerily similar to the one the he had stumbled upon when he left from the North America Grid, with strange computer-like devices and inputs. As she tried to get some rest, she couldn’t shake off the feeling that there was more to the building than meets the eye.Her intuition proved to be right when a group of cult-like bandits, armed and dangerous, suddenly stormed into the temple. They seemed to be after her, but for reasons she couldn’t understand.
She fought bravely, taking down two of the four bandits before escaping with one of their cars. As she sped away, she couldn’t help but wonder what the cult people wanted from her and what secrets the mysterious building held.

Innate Trigger : Crossing their paths in the Wastelands
Release date : 18 – 4 – 2023
Music by : Innate Trigger

Innate Trigger – The mechanical cylinder

Even before he started his journey through the wastelands and before the first organized resistance operation in the Grid of North America, he had planned his journey on his map.
He had marked all the cities he would encounter and the points that  were most important for the trip to his homeland.
Several days had passed since his escape from the  North America Grid and along the way, he had already encountered the first points that had created the questions he had been trying to answer for days.
The car chase and those strange buildings with devices that looked like control panels.
In the previous ruined city he met, he found an abandoned small  truck that helped him store his belongings, his weapons, and anything else he needed for his and his dog’s survival, whom he named ‘friend’  and accompanied him on this journey.
On the way to the next city he had marked on his map, he came across a tall building that looked like a cylinder without windows and no visible openings.
It was about 100 meters high, and at times, there was a booming sound coming from inside the building, making the ground around the building tremble.
He parked the truck next to the building and secured the dog inside as he took one of his weapons and began to walk around the building, trying to find a way in.
A little later, he got into the truck and continued his journey towards the next town, adding yet another question about the mysteries he had encountered so far on his trip.

Innate Trigger : The mechanical cylinder
Release date :  3 – 5 – 2023
Music by :  Innate Trigger

Innate Trigger – Nomads of Freedom

In the aftermath of the Grids, where the world’s population had been confined within the confines of mega-cities, a tribe-like gang emerged from the shadows of the wastelands.  Composed of roughly 500 individuals, including men, women, and children, they had chosen a different path, to roam in the Wastelands.
They banded together, forging an unconventional family united by their outcast status and a shared determination to thrive in the desolate lands left untouched by the Grids.

Their makeshift home was a caravan-like convoy, a motley assortment of vehicles and equipment scavenged from the remnants of the old world. Each member brought their unique skills to the table, their collective expertise enabling them to navigate the treacherous terrains and defend themselves against the perils that lurked in the

They became notorious as bandits, plundering the resources left behind in the ruins of the forgotten cities.Their nomadic lifestyle allowed them to roam freely, traversing mountains, deserts, and coastal areas that lay beyond the reach of the Grids.  It was a daily struggle for survival, where danger lurked around every corner.

Yet, this tribe-like gang found solace in their unity, embracing their newfound freedom in the vastness of the untamed world. They were rebels, adventurers, and warriors, bound together by a shared purpose and a burning desire
to reclaim their autonomy in a world gripped by control. As the convoy moved through the wastelands, leaving trails of dust in their wake, they became legends whispered among the few remaining souls outside the Grids.

Some feared them, while others admired their audacity and resilience. For this tribe-like gang, the wastelands were not just a harsh and unforgiving backdrop but a canvas upon which they painted their existence—a testament to the indomitable spirit of those who dared to defy the iron grip of the sovereigns and reclaim their place in a world
that had left them behind.

Innate Trigger :  Nomads of Freedom
Release date :  11 – 6 – 2023
Music by :  Innate Trigger


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