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No one can recognize or remember something related to their voices.
Some nights they broadcast from a frequency that not one can locate, not even the cuberpunk rebels but neither do the rulers in their own ways, the Mecha scouts, drones and patrols have not succeeded.
Of course the rulers,do not have good intentions they want to exterminate them.
When they broadcast, they narrate and inform the insurgents for many and important for events that should not be
For myths and beliefs but also for memories of the past, experiences of people and by situations and phenomena that constantly remind us, that around us there are not only the material things and all that we perceive as “reality”…
They talk to them about the spiritual world, the different types of energy that exist around us as well as for
those who were lost .
In the tunnels,in the ruins of the Grid cities-prisons, sometimes cuberpunk rebels find α graffiti with messages from those who tell them about everything they should not forget.
It’s a symbol … by those who speak to them .. The after-dARK project.


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Innate Trigger – Night City Lights

Re-recording with special guest Stiven Dixxon on bass guitar

Stiven Dixxon is a young and ambitious bass player based in Athens Greece. He’s well known as the bass player for the Greek Hard Rock band, Dayana Rein. While he was in the band, he got the chance to share the stage with well known bands of the local Hard Rock/Sleaze scene such as Cyanide 4, Wild Machine and the Swedish Hard Rockers, Bai Bang. He did also record some of the bass parts for Dayana Rein’s upcoming debut album. Now he’s focusing on his own music and works as a session bass player.
When i asked him about joining the Innate Trigger concept project i was glad that i had a yes for an answer!
And i was pretty sure that he would choose the track Night City Lights as the first one to play bass for it because its the vibe and feel that its all about riffing with a hard rocking attitude!
So here is what happens when a hard rock bass player get involved!

                       Stiven Dixxon

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