The music concept of Innate Trigger is divided into four – album/playlists :


Their states ..our cities ..

Their states .. our city  album playlist is about the first Grid and the ones after it.. a sadistic experiment.. monstrous jail – states.. that the rulers tried to make them look like a ” new start” for the lost ..the hopeless and helpless ones….. but they didn’t expect what really happened..the half-dead population of the Grid formed a force ..that wanted to live.. to heal the wounds.. and fight back.. to survive through the grid and the threats that the rulers create for the abandoned ones..

Their states.. our cities – You tube playlist

Their states … our cities – tracks

Moments and thoughts ..

Moments and thoughts.. album playlist includes the music stories about their moments of peace..where they think about the ones that left behind..died or disappeared..some moments of clarity.. and reflection..  times that they come together to plant their next move.. or simply to be close to each other..  and in all this someone chooses to be left alone for a while and think .. if all this is worth it .. and makes the decision to continue … next to those who want the same .. to live without fear ..others are dancing for being alive ..  others choose to rest the body .. when memories come to mind .. dreams, desires and all those that are the motivation to continue to fight inspire and be inspired by the surrounding comrades .. and their sacrifices in order to create a better and free future ..

Moments and thoughts.. – You tube playlist

Moments and thoughts..  – tracks

In war..

In war.. album playlist describes the moments when they fight back the tyrannic rulers.. the attacks to the facilities to steal goods.. and high tech parts .. when they try to avoid captivity.. and ambush the crafts that carry cyberpunks to their end..scenes of war.. death and sorrow that turns to hope..hope that one day their sacrifices will be honored by the ones that will leave free..

In war.. – You tube playlist

In war.. – tracks

after_DARK .. album playlist

No one can recognize or remember something related to their voices.
Some nights they broadcast from a frequency that not one can locate, not even the cuberpunk rebels but neither do the rulers in their own ways, the Mecha scouts, drones and patrols have not succeeded.
Of course the rulers,do not have good intentions they want to exterminate them.
When they broadcast, they narrate and inform the insurgents for many and important for events that should not be
For myths and beliefs but also for memories of the past, experiences of people and by situations and phenomena that constantly remind us, that around us there are not only the material things and all that we perceive as “reality”…
They talk to them about the spiritual world, the different types of energy that exist around us as well as for
Those who were lost .
In the tunnels,in the ruins of the Grid cities-prisons, sometimes cuberpunk rebels find α graffiti with messages from those who tell them about everything they should not forget.
It’s a symbol … by those who speak to them .. The Afterdark Project.

after_DARK.. You tube playlist link

after_DARK..- tracks

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