Innate Trigger : Character assassination .. physical extermination

Innate Trigger – Character assassination .. physical extermination

The army of the totalitarian regime of the overlords after the arrest of a member of the resistance follows some procedures.
First they approach the captive with some psychology techniques so as to reassure him and provide him with a sense of security.
Similar to the organization and activation of the original plan for the concentration of earths population within the Grids.
In this way they convince him that it doesn’t matter his joining the revolution as well as his actions before he was arrested.
Then they transfer him to some facilities and they provide him with shelter and food so that he begins to feel comfort and wanting to rejoin the life within the Grid.
But the truth is different..
According to their plan, anyone who resists the regime and participates in the resistance is considered an enemy even if he is arrested has a specific ending.
First they try to extract information from him about the resistance and anything related.
And then they decide whether to use him as an object of research and experimentation, whether kill him performing a dark ritual destroying his lifeless body as well.
In any case, capture and captivity ends in a spiritual death or

Innate Trigger : Character assassination .. physical extermination
Release date : 31 – 10 – 2022
Music by : Innate Trigger

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