Innate Trigger – Cipher

Innate Trigger – Cipher

Amid the turbulent wastelands, another group operated in the shadows, a small but highly skilled collective of high-tech enthusiasts, cyberpunks, and scavengers. They scoured the remnants of once-great cities, seeking out tech parts, hidden treasures in the rubble of the past. These tech freaks had an insatiable hunger for the remnants of the old world, gathering and assembling them with unparalleled expertise.The leader of this high-tech crew, known simply as Cipher, was a nomad herself, a lone traveler who had been separated from the tribe-like gang years ago. She had honed her skills in the wastelands, learning to navigate the treacherous terrain and outsmart the ever-watchful eye of the Grids. Cipher had a knack for unearthing forgotten technology, and her band of enthusiasts turned these relics into weapons and tech components coveted by the nomads.The nomads and the tech freaks had a unique symbiotic relationship.

The nomads relied on the tech freaks for the advanced gadgets and weaponry that allowed them to thrive in the dangerous wastelands. In return, the tech freaks depended on the nomads to protect them from the harsh realities of the untamed world. They were an odd couple, but their partnership was built on mutual necessity. As Cipher and her crew embarked on another expedition through the remnants of the old cities, they stumbled upon a discovery that would change everything. Deep within the decaying infrastructure, they found a piece of technology unlike anything they had seen before, a potential game-changer in their ongoing battle for survival.

Little did they know that this discovery would not only reshape their own destinies but hold the key to unraveling the dark secrets of the Grids and the rulers who controlled them. The nomads and the tech freaks were about to become central figures in a conflict that would determine the fate of a world divided between control and freedom.


Innate Trigger : Cipher
Release date :  30 – 10 – 2023
Music by : Innate Trigger


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