Innate Trigger – Nomads of Freedom

Innate Trigger – Nomads of Freedom

In the aftermath of the Grids, where the world’s population had been confined within the confines of mega-cities, a tribe-like gang emerged from the shadows of the wastelands.  Composed of roughly 500 individuals, including men, women, and children, they had chosen a different path, to roam in the Wastelands.
They banded together, forging an unconventional family united by their outcast status and a shared determination to thrive in the desolate lands left untouched by the Grids.

Their makeshift home was a caravan-like convoy, a motley assortment of vehicles and equipment scavenged from the remnants of the old world. Each member brought their unique skills to the table, their collective expertise enabling them to navigate the treacherous terrains and defend themselves against the perils that lurked in the

They became notorious as bandits, plundering the resources left behind in the ruins of the forgotten cities.Their nomadic lifestyle allowed them to roam freely, traversing mountains, deserts, and coastal areas that lay beyond the reach of the Grids.  It was a daily struggle for survival, where danger lurked around every corner.

Yet, this tribe-like gang found solace in their unity, embracing their newfound freedom in the vastness of the untamed world. They were rebels, adventurers, and warriors, bound together by a shared purpose and a burning desire
to reclaim their autonomy in a world gripped by control. As the convoy moved through the wastelands, leaving trails of dust in their wake, they became legends whispered among the few remaining souls outside the Grids.

Some feared them, while others admired their audacity and resilience. For this tribe-like gang, the wastelands were not just a harsh and unforgiving backdrop but a canvas upon which they painted their existence—a testament to the indomitable spirit of those who dared to defy the iron grip of the sovereigns and reclaim their place in a world
that had left them behind.

Innate Trigger :  Nomads of Freedom
Release date :  11 – 6 – 2023
Music by :  Innate Trigger

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