Innate Trigger – A self made sanctuary

Innate Trigger – A self made sanctuary

The compulsion to seek solace in quietude and transcribe one’s thoughts onto paper is a deeply intimate and human instinct. It’s a personal pilgrimage to the depths of the mind, a ritual that unveils the intricacies of emotions, dreams, and reflections that might otherwise remain obscured. The act of writing becomes a sanctuary, a space where thoughts can unravel freely and without judgment. In a world often bustling with noise and distractions, this need arises as a longing for connection with oneself a chance to pause, listen to the whispers of the heart, and give form to the intangible threads of thought.

Sitting in stillness, pen in hand, offers a sense of catharsis, a release of thoughts that might otherwise swirl chaotically within. The blank page is an open canvas onto which the mind projects its landscape of hopes, fears, aspirations, and pondering. Writing becomes a process of both excavation and creation, as if one is mining the depths of consciousness to extract gems of insight. In those quiet moments, the mind isn’t just translated onto paper; it’s given a tangible form, a life outside the mind’s confines. This act provides a sense of agency a way to externalize the otherwise internal, making it a companion to navigate the intricacies of existence.

Through writing, emotions can be acknowledged, dissected, and understood in ways that often elude spoken words. Ultimately, the need to sit in quiet and write is an homage to the complexity of human experience. It’s a sacred interaction with one’s own thoughts, a self-made sanctuary where the innermost self is both author and audience. It’s a journey towards self-discovery, an endeavor to capture the fleeting moments of existence and, in doing so, create a testament to the profundity of being.

Innate Trigger : A self made sanctuary
Music by : Innate Trigger
Release date : 17 – 8 – 2023

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