Innate Trigger – Ignition
(Remixed and rearranged)

So.. this is it ..the very first track..the first pulling of the Innate Trigger..the igniter that will explode with guitars ..synth.. rhythm..sounds.. about the future .. cyberpunks .. and sci-fi things to come.

Music by – Innate Trigger
Release date: 15-1-2021
Remixed and rearranged by Innate Trigger : 5-5-2021

Innate Trigger – Thoughts And Dreams

(Re-recorded and remixed)

The day before they try it .. resting the body .. the memories come to mind ..dreams, desires and all those that are the motivation to continue to fight inspire and be inspired by the surrounding comrades .. and their sacrifices in order to create a better and free future ..

Innate Trigger – Thoughts And Dreams
Release date – 17-05-2021
Rerecorded and remixed – 23-05-2021

Music by – Innate Trigger

Innate Trigger – Night City Lights

(Re-recorded and remixed) with special guest Stiven Dixxon on bass guitar

The first year in the Grid was a dream come true for them..until the real deal came up..there were times that they were relaxed..and relieved..times were the night city lights was all about dancing and having a good time.. for as long as it .. lasted..

Innate Trigger – Night City Lights (Re-recording)
Release date – 31-03-2021
Re-recording and remixed – 07-08-2021
Music by – Innate Trigger – Stiven Dixxon

Stiven Dixxon is a young and ambitious bass player. He’s well known as the bass player for the Greek Hard Rock band, Dayana Rein. While he was in the band, he got the chance to share the stage with well known bands of the local Hard Rock/Sleaze scene such as Cyanide 4, Wild Machine and the Swedish Hard Rockers, Bai Bang. He did also record some of the bass parts for Dayana Rein’s upcoming debut album. Now he’s focusing on his own music and works as a session bass player. When i asked him about joining the Innate Trigger concept project i was glad that i had a yes for an answer! And i was pretty sure that he would choose the track Night City Lights as the first one to play bass for it because its the vibe and feel that its all about riffing with a hard rocking attitude! So here is what happens when a hard rock bass player get involved!

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Innate Trigger – The Threat

(Re-recorded and remixed)

The fear and the agony.. inside the Grid prison-states… the everyday struggle…hiding .. keeping yourself and the ones around you away from danger.. the lack of sleep.. counting the portions of food..and water.. avoiding captivity.. trying to find the ones that will make you ..and your people …part of the resistance.. the only way to fight the sovereigns .. The only alternative to the resistance is the wastelands.. Make your choice.. now..

Innate Trigger – The Threat (Re-recorded and remixed)
Music by – Innate Trigger
Release date: 21-1-2021
Remixed and re-recorded by Innate Trigger : 5-3-2022

Innate Trigger – Their states …our cities
(Re-recorded and remixed)

The first Grid was a sadistic experiment .. they brought the lost..the hopeless and helpless ones ..millions of them from all over their territories.. and called it ”a new start” .. just to lock them in a jail-state ..the biggest and cruelest that mankind ever see.. but they didn’t expect what really happened..the half-dead population of the Grid formed a force that wanted to live.. to heal the wounds.. and fight back..

Innate Trigger : Their states …our cities
Release date – 09 – 07 – 2021
Re-recorded and remixed : 11-03-2022
Music by : Innate Trigger

Innate Trigger – Make your choice now (Re-recorded)

Albert Camus wrote, “Life is a sum of all your choices.”And that is one big ..cold..truth.
Sometimes easy..sometimes tricky .. and sometimes can be deadly.
Fatal for the one who made the wrong choice at the wrong place and time.
Maybe there is so much more to choose in your future..but that depends.. have you ever think
how many choices are left for you?
There is that moment for that rebel… he has to choose ..
Run away ?
Stay and fight ?
Blend with the crowd ?
Stay hidden ?
That that one moment.. Will he stay alive …or be killed ?
Or even worse .. get arrested and interrogated .. so that he will end up like a
subject for experimentation..

Innate Trigger – Make your choice now
Re-recorded – 23-8-2022
Music by – Innate Trigger

Innate Trigger – Those who were lost (Re-recorder & Re-mixed)

This is for those who left behind .. those who were deceived .. trapped .. murdered .. or surrendered to a fate that they had fought to escape from ..never forgotten ..sometimes they return to speak to us .. to warn us .. or even prepare us to meet them .. unless it is not time .. yet..

Innate Trigger – Those who were lost
Music by – Innate Trigger
Release date : 26 – 2 – 2021
Re-recorded & Re-mixed : 31 – 8 – 2022


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